Handcrafted bronze, copper, and sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature and Irish Celtic symbols and designs.

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Copper and Bronze jewelry, including pieces with colorful patina, should not be exposed to water. Please do not shower or swim while wearing jewelry as it can drastically change the patina on the metal. All metal jewelry will eventually begin to tarnish over time, this is a natural process with these metals. All copper and bronze jewelry is treated with a protective spray lacquer to help maintain the appearance of the metal. Normal daily wear can break down the protective barrier in extreme heat and sweat. An additional application of a clear spray lacquer, such as Krylon or Permalac, may be needed if the protective layers break down due to excessive wear over the years.

Silver jewelry is NOT treated with a protective lacquer. Please use a soft polishing cloth to buff and bring the shine to silver. Do not use harsh chemicals as it will drastically change the patina on the metal.