Handcrafted bronze, copper, and sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature and Irish Celtic symbols and designs.

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Sep 1, 2022


In Memory of Char

I had the honor of first meeting Char at Gallery Ten many years ago. After enduring an art fair washed out in the rain, I rambled into Gallery Ten on the advice of another artist. This was my first experience walking into a…

Jul 9, 2022

It's art fair and festival season in Wisconsin!

Living in the Midwest, we patiently wait all winter long for warm summer days and firefly filled nights. Art fairs and festivals are a rite of summer here in Wisconsin, we have our share of tiny craft fairs along with huge art and music festivals throughout the state. Over the years I've done my share of teeny tiny craft fairs held in school gymnasiums and church basements, working my way up the art fair ladder to some significant…

Jun 23, 2022

As a creative creature and maker of handmade jewelry, I've been selling on Etsy since the beginning of time. Ok, not since the actual beginning of time, but since around 2007. I've always dreamed of having my own jewelry website but have zero technical aptitude, and less than zero patience for it, so the road getting here has been a bit slow. Who wants to create a website when you could be creating jewelry and other cool and amazing things? Not me. I stumbled upon IndieMade while doing…