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Creating an IndieMade website from Etsy

June 23, 2022

As a creative creature and maker of handmade jewelry, I've been selling on Etsy since the beginning of time. Ok, not since the actual beginning of time, but since around 2007. I've always dreamed of having my own jewelry website but have zero technical aptitude, and less than zero patience for it, so the road getting here has been a bit slow. Who wants to create a website when you could be creating jewelry and other cool and amazing things? Not me. I stumbled upon IndieMade while doing website research and learned that it would sync with Etsy and give me the ability to actually download all listings from my current Etsy shop over to IndieMade. With a generous 30 day free trial, I jumped in and downloaded my listings and got started on choosing the theme and layout of my new shop. I have to admit, this transition was not as horrifying as I had anticipated, due in part to the great support team at IndieMade. They have a little "Help" bubble at the bottom of the screen that allows you to enter your personal info and then ask questions. My support team has been incredible, they respond via email and do so very quickly, usually within minutes and no longer than an hour. I'm not here to bash Etsy, but most of us that have been long time sellers on that platform are very well aware of the lack of support when you need them. Over the past few weeks I've discovered that I'm not as technically challenged as I had thought and creating this new website has actually been a creative and fun challenge, it's just a different kind of creativity. I will still sell on Etsy, of course my shops are still there, I just can't have all my precious eggs in their one basket.

Soul Harbor Jewelry (https://www.soulharborjewelry.com) has been up and live for about a week now, I'm still learning and tweaking things as I go, but I am very proud of what I've created in jewelry and in this new website. If you discover any difficulties navigating my new shop, please let me know as I hope this is a fun and easy way to view and purchase my jewelry. 

Many thanks to all that have been a support to me throughout my creative journey; helping me schlep my wares to art fairs and festivals, purchasing my artwork and just being there for me. You are all truly cherished. 

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